Monday, 31 May 2010

I need another weekend to recover from this one please...

Well on one hand I'm glad this weekend is over, on the other I could do with another to have a rest to recover from this one. I had Thursday and Friday off work so had some packing and tidying to do as well as a couple of 'short-notice' cards to get done. Also got my hair cut in the afternoon - back there on thursday for Nikki to fix the mess I made of my colour (mental note do not give in when they don't have my usual shade in and buy the next nearest).

Had a great day at Alton Towers on Friday, absolutely worn out by the end of the day - forget how big that place is, also managed to get slightly sunburnt (slight understatement there lol) cos somebody left the suncream in the car, although was quite surprised that couldn't find anywhere selling it in the park selling it especially given the mark up they'd have gotten away with. But anyway was a fab day - going back again in the Autumn when we're hoping it might be a bit quieter. Stopped at Cheshire Oaks for some tea on the way back and then collapsed into bed.

Saturday Ian and I were at the wedding of one of his mates from school, so plenty of make-up for avoid looking like I'd over-done the blusher (I had 2 bright red circles of sunburn on my cheeks), and hair down to try and cover the rest lol. Here we are dressed up smart (well sort of in my case lol) don't think we scrub up too bead eh? lol.

And then yesterday we were off to a BBQ, needless to say we haven't really done anything today. But think think the cold I've had all weekend might be shifting (oh joy just in time for work lol) so that's good, just hope my ear sorts it's self out soon too.

Anyways thinking that I'd best put a picture of a card on too rather than just waffle on (so much for thinking I'll just do a quick post now cos I know I won't be on tomorrow) anyways this is an anniversary card I made for some friends (hoping that they've got and opened it yet again lol). A great little card for using up little scraps of paper (I have another one to post using one of the fairy stamps) so I hope you like it...

Supplies: 'Two Birds' Hero Arts Stamp, Anitas Glittery Card, Doodlebug Loopy Love Heart Paper, CS
Anyways I'm off to bed since I was going about an hour ago lol. Night All XOX