Monday, 17 May 2010

More Nikki's

Managed to get a card done tonight (which after 11 and half hours in work, was something of a miracle lol) but once again can't post it yet as the birthday isn't until Friday (but I did finish one - honest). So it's been quite a productive day, managed to build quite a bit of flexi and get the card done. Not sure whether I should try and keep going since I must be on a roll, or quit while I'm ahead (right at this moment I'm leaning towards quitting cos I've got a new episode of Vampire Diaries (much better than Twilight) to watch). I also need (yep NEED) to order some new papers and seen some cute stamps too which am very tempted by but they may have to wait till next month, on accound of my car needing new tyres (yawn).

But anyways for now here are the Mother's Day cards that I made back in March (pre-blog so they weren't posted at the time). Hope you like them XOX

Supplies: Slobbing Nikki and Sentiments Stamps by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Karen Foster Sweetheart paper, Bo Bunny Double Dot Ribbon, Card, Glitter flocking (for towel and slippers - sorry doesn't show up very well on the photo)

Supplies: Slobbing Nikki and Sentiment Stamps by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Bo Bunny Flutter Butter (I think) papers, Glitter Flocking for towel and slippers (again doesn't really show up in the photo)