Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Two For One

Thought I'd do another quick post before I head to bed, going to see Ash tomorrow so won't have chance to post then and not sure of plans for the weekend yet, and well I'm just far too impatient to wait till next week to post the pic of the card I made tonight.

This is Magnum, one of Kerry's new designs - you can buy her stamps from her store at Ladybug Crafts Ink store I got my stamps a week ago and had them coloured in pretty much straight away but couldn't seem to find the time to actually get them made into a card. I'm not a fan of cats (at all in the slightest) but couldn't resist getting these ones - how cute is he?!?!?!

Supplies: 'Catflap Magnum' and 'Magnum sentiments' Stamps by Ladybug Crafts Ink, 'Kitchen Spice' paper by Bo bunny, Double Dot Card and Ribbon by Bo Bunny
Right well think I had better get to bed - busy day tomorrow XOX

It's time for cake

Wow can't believe it's been nearly a week since my last post. Haven't managed to get any new cards made so far this week - been busy typing up the family tree into a new program, and the cards I have made have been almost the same as ones I've had on before. But I did find this photo in one of my facebook albums and thought it was appropriate since the Paper shop seems to be full of cupcake themed stuff (I did give in and treat myself to a cupcake decoupage pad so I can cheat with the next few cards - will hopefully post the result later. But anyway how cute is this, I made this for a friend's daughters First Birthday. I was quite proud of myself cos the entire thing was made from scratch with no template - I know I didn't cheat at all!!!!

Supplies: Patterned paper all from the SWEET collection by DCWV, glitter and yellow, orange and red inkpads
Well I'd best get on - got a few cards to make with a load of new things, so I'll have something new to show you soon XOX

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Queues Queues Queues

Wow what a 'busy' day it's been today. We were up at silly o'clock - I know during a week off :o( but I was bribed with a McDonalds Breakfast lol. Anyways everything took longer than should today and am knackered now.

And what was worse was I came home with no new toys to play with (Ian has a new phone to play with), had been looking at Netbooks but couldn't find one that fitted the right balance of price and computer-y stuff, and was also pretty lol. So will have to keep looking on that one. But my stamps from Kerry (Ladybug Crafts Ink) arrived this morning :) got some of the Magnum cat ones - they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, can't wait to get some cards made with them. But in the meantime here is the card I made for Father's Day....

Supplies: Card Kit free with Magazine, including the papers and the 'Hot Diggity Dog' by Andrea Jayne chipboard images
I was going to do one of my double-fold cards (anyone else make them like I do??? think most I've seen have been easel cards but I haven't managed to make one of them and have them work and look OK) but anyway thought that the double-fold type would confuse him and he'd likely manage to pull half of it off - bless him lol.
Anyways thinking that I deserve an early night now... XOX

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

So much to do... so little time...

Got a few spare mins to post while the pre-football chattering is on. Been a couple of busy-ish days, lying in the sun and managed to squeeze in making a couple of cards too, went out for a meal on Monday night with Ian, Mike and Kim then down to Crosby Beach (again) since it was sunny and the longest day - got some fab sun set pictures - will have to post them later. Was a really good night. Then yesterday went to the trafford centre with Ian, called into Ikea on the way for hotdogs, then afternoon of shopping and eating, then cinema in the evening.

Need to have a bit of sort through of my photos get some of the newer ones ready to post on here - did an order from Angel Crafts the other day so been playing with my new Pro-marker colours today got the cutest (and I mean THE cutest) snowman stamp too - can't wait to start on the christmas cards now lol. Anyways will leave you in piece now...

Here is an Engagement card that I made the other week - using the Doodlebug paper yet again - had 2 sheets of it and can't believe the amount of cards it's actually done. But yep you'll be pleased to hear that it's nearly all gone and can move on from the pink lol.

I've been practising the glitter - it's come out really really well even if I do say so myself.

Supplies: 'Piece of my Heart' Stamps by Penny Black, 'Loopy Love' Paper by Doodlebug, Pink Card by Doodlebug, Cupcake sugar-coating by Doodlebug, Ribbon and Buttons


Friday, 18 June 2010

Yep the Footy is on...

Back on again for my second post of the day (thought it made sense as won't be on here at the weekend and the footy is on the telly so got a bit of spare time).

Anyways I've finally got my pictures off my camera so as promised here is the result of my Pro-Marker colouring - sorry I forgot to take a close up but they seem to be bit better at block colour - the lines from the pen seem to show up less. Shame that forgot to get a close up as that might have shown the glitter in the papers, really pretty.

Supplies: 'Slobbing Nikki' and Sentiment Stamps and Epoxy Dot by Ladybug Crafts Ink, 'Jazmyne' Paper by Bo Bunny, Clover Double Dot Card and Ribbon by Bo Bunny, Flowers by Petaloo.

Right I think I've bored you enough for today, have a good weekend XOX

One for Sorrow...

A magpie seems to have taken up residence in the back garden today, keeps flying off but then coming back to the same spot - very odd and I wish it would either go away or at least bring a friend so can move onto 'Two for Joy' lol.
Another scrapbook page to share today, this is one of my all time favourite pages, I love the layout but also the photos bring back great memories and I think the layout helps with that. This was created from a sketch (will have to check where it was from), I love sketches - a great way to get over scrapping block, I've used this specific sketch about 5 times and none of the pages are the same. The page itself came together really quickly it was the journalling that took the time as this was all written by hand, cut out, inked and then spaced before been stuck down. This was the first time I tried that and it's now cropped up on rather a lot of my pages now

Supplies: Papers by K & Co, Card by Papermania, Rub-ons by Doodlebug, Stickers by 7Gypsies and flowers by petaloo.
The photos were from a tour of the Atherton Tablelands (near Cairns) towards the end of my trip to Australia. This is Milla Milla Falls and it's meant to be where Peter Andre filmed Mysterious Girl and where the Timotai Advert with the famous Hair Flick was filmed (I don't know how true either of those are as the info came from a tour guide and they tend to have a habit of embellishing stories lol. But well it was stunning, even on a cloudy day. The only thing was the water was freezing - and I mean FREEZING - it was a case of your entire body been covered in goosebumps when you were only ankle deep, and you know how normally it feels OK once you're in, nope not there it doesn't lol. And then we all had to have a go of doing the hair flick... fair play to the model from the advert it's hard work and there were LOADS of outtakes trying to get the right shot but I think it was worth it (now I'm sat here nice and warm and dry lol).
Anyways I had best get on, finished for a week off now, and lots to do this afternoon so I can sit and do nothing tonight. Ordered some more Pro-Markers from Angel Crafts yesterday (thanks for the tip-off Kerry) so I'm hoping they'll arrive the beginning of the week so can have a play with them. But for now, I'm off to do boring stuff like put washing away.. (hopefully back with a card later...XOX

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Can't make up my mind

I will apologise now if I waffle on a bit - finally got a bit of time to post. Have only just sat down since I got in from work - 4 loads of washing done and put out to (hopefully dry) while I'm in work tomorrow, washing that was dry put away, stripped the bed (argh still got that to make - please let them invent an automatic bed maker machine sometime soon), and tidied up a bit (got bored half-way through that. Anyways now eating nachos and watching old eps of Red Dwarf before an early night :) well maybe after

Well I've finally had chance to have a play with my Pro-markers and.... I love them. I love my Copics but I think I prefer the Pro-Markers - they're a bit more like normal felt-tips so feel a bit more normal to colour with and have found them easier to blend than the Copics. But I think I still prefer the Copics for skin colour, but in true Libran fashion I can't make up my mind which I actually prefer over all so I'm guessing I'm gonna be adding more colours to both my collections lol.

I've made a card using image coloured with my Pro-markers so I'll post that tomorrow or Friday once I find where I've put my camera. For now here is birthday card that was made for a woman in work, featuring Coffee Nikki for the first time.

Supplies: 'Coffee Nikki' Stamp by Ladybug Crafts Ink, 'Anna Sophia' Papers by Bo Bunny and Double Dot Ribbon by Bo Bunny
I think I might have to go 'shopping' tonight, try and find some new stamps, though should probably try and restrain myself cos I'm waiting for the new Magnum stamps from Ladybug Crafts Ink to arrive (they're due in stock soon - eeek exciting) should really find some storage before I buy anymore really.
Anyways I've just noticed the time and since I've still got to make the bed I had best get going otherwise I won't get my early night. XOX

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Just a really quick post again cos off up to visit my Nanna and Grandad and then probably getting pizza on the way back (dam Dominos dropping leaflets off reminding me that they're buy one get one free).

Anyways I don't think I've got anymore card photos on my computer (really must find my camera) so thought would share another scrapbook 'page' with you. I got a bit fed up of my pages been shut away in an album and managed to find some blank canvases and had one of those lightbulb moments, and add a splash of paint, ribbons and sparkle and well here's the result...

Supplies: Blank Canvas, Acrylic Paints (I sprinkled some glitter onto the heart while the paint was still wet so it's all lovely and sparkly), Ribbons, Gems, Flowers and Charms

I'm currently working on a new canvas to replace this one (very limited wall space at the moment - really really need a house) not quite come together yet - can't quite settle on what I want but I'll post the result once I do...


Monday, 14 June 2010


Just a quick post cos in the middle of tea.

Yay I've got my photo editing program installed so I can pixelate the photos of some of my scrapbook pages so I don't get in trouble with the owners of the babies lol. So I can finally show you the card/mini book that I made for a friend when she had her little girl.

I love these layered word albums, this one was done to make a mini album (but I have seen them made as cards too), it had pictures of her first week, and the usual date of birth, weight, mummy and daddy info.

The Front Page
The last page
The back cover
Supplies: MAMBI baby paper pad, Papermania clips and metal charms, Flowers, Ribbons, Gems
For something a bit different I added information about her star-sign, the chinese year she was born in, gem stone for the month etc etc which I know I had in the baby book my mum had made for me. Before she was born I gave her mum the idea to have everyone guess boy/girl, date of birth, time, weight. She then added future occupation. Her future god-father said next female PM or a lap-dancer, what was funny was that when I was looking up the info for the back page was that on the ideal occupations bit the first 2 listed are politics and entertainment. Not sure which is best of those two (I guess it depends on whose legs she's inherited) lol.
Right I'd best get going my tea awaits XOX

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The MOST important utensil is a CORKSCREW!

Sorry it's been a little while since my last post, been a busy few days. We went for a meal on thursday for my Dad's birthday which was really nice and the food was REALLY yummy, which of course meant that I ate far too much of it. Then was at Ian's on Friday and had a busy Saturday, dragging Ian round HobbyCraft - bless him he pretended not to be too bored. Got a few bits and pieces, I'd seen on the website that the Promarkers were on offer so thought I'd get some to try (only used Copics so far). Anyway dragged poor Ian round the shop about 3 times looking for these blimmin' pens only to find they were in a different section of the store in the very last aisle that we looked in.

Anyways I got a couple of packs (hopefully going to get to try them out this afternoon while the football is on), and lots of Thickers (they were reduced so seemed silly not to get them) also got a really cute set of sentiment stamps of funny things that kids have said. And got a little calendar kit that was reduced, so did quite well really lol.

I can't remember if I've taken pictures of the cards I made on Wednesday so in the mean time here is one of the cards from last weekend...

I love the sentiment on this card "The MOST important utensil is a CORKSCREW" - can think of a few people who would agree with that one.

I added a couple of Crystals for Nikki's earring and olive in her Martini

Supplies: 'Martini Nikki' Stamp and Epoxy Dot by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Paper by MME, Flowers by Petaloo
Right I'm off to play with my new markers... XOX

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Anyone know what the card-making equivilent of scrap-block is??? Cos I've got it lol. Got to get 3 cards done tonight and haven't got a clue what I'm doing for any of them (lots of ideas going round head for other cards but nothing is coming together for the ones that I've actually got to do which is just typical. Had best get my notebook out and get the other ideas down on paper otherwise will have forgotten them before had chance to make them into cards.

Right well it looks like I'm going to need as much time as possible to spend on the cards so I had best keep this post short. But here is the last of Sunday's Cards, dug out one of my old Whispers/Do Crafts Stamps that I found at the back of the drawer during my clear out. And back to my usual pink and green colour scheme (honestly didn't realise how much I liked this colour combination till started putting on the card photos and it started turning up rather a lot lol).

Supplies: Whispers Stamp, Paper - Nellie's Garden by Pebbles inc, Card - Doodlebug, Petaloo flowers, Epoxy Dot from Ladybug Crafts Ink
Right well I'm going to leave this here and see how I get one... wish me luck... XOX

Monday, 7 June 2010

Pretty Pretty

Am having a bit of lazy evening today, absolutely knackered so thought a nice relaxing evening and an early night. Just finished painting my toenails (and if I'm honest half of my toes), hair time after posting this and then thinking a dvd in bed - maybe Enchanted (one of my favourites and not seen it in ages, first saw it on the plane home from Australia and kept laughing so much that the woman sat next to me ended up putting it on too).

Making a list of some stamp makes that I want to try and track down, and also need to do some research on some of the die-cutting machines - thinking that it's about time I invested in one so now just to work out what the best one for me to buy is. Getting excited too not long till Kerry's new stamps are out (, just ordered the Magnum (Cat) ones for now - they're sooooooo cute, and fingers crossed they'll be here for my week off so get a have a proper play with them - my supply of cards is now looking rather depleted (is that the word) so want to try and build that up if I get the chance.

Right best get some cards on... here are 2 of yesterday's cards for one of the girls in work who's Granddaughter and Nephew are getting Christened on Sunday.

Supplies: Penny Black Stamps, Christening printed Vellum, Blue CS and Ribbon

Supplies: Ruby Fairy Stamp by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Christening printed Vellum, Glitter, Pink CS & Ribbon

Had to show a close up of the glittery fairy wings - so pretty but then I'm slightly addicted to glittery and sparkly things so maybe I'm biased lol.

Anyways my DVD is calling me...

... more tomorrow or Wednesday XOX

Sunday, 6 June 2010

All Tidy!

What a lovely weekend, lazy Friday, followed up by a lazy Saturday, even managed to get an hour sat in the sun - trying to even out my sunburn from Alton Towers (no luck and now it's back to good ol' English summer weather ie tipped it down all day).

Have been busy today, went to get a new telly, so that's now up, shelves have been moved around and new message board is now up too (Thank you mum, dad and Ian x) - so spent this afternoon rearranging everything think it's more or less sorted now (I hope) just need to get some canvases made to go on the little bit of wall that is still visable lol.

Anyways here is card that one of my friends asked me to make for her to give to her husband on their first anniversary - how cute are the Penny Black stamps?!? Really quick card to make once managed to get the vellum to stick (mine kept curling so in the end I pressed it under my cutting mat while I made the rest of the card and that seemed to do the trick).

Supplies: Penny Black Piece of My Heart Stamps, Karen Foster PP and Gold Heart Vellum
Right I had better get going, tea time now, then a shower, then got an 80th card, 2 Christening Cards, an Engagement Card and a Father's Day Card to get made - really need to get a move on lol. XOX

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Happy June :)

Just a quick post while I have a few spare mins (afternoon off work to go and get my hair fixed and tidy up (yawn how boring - but since the sight of the floor has become a distant memory it's a necessity)).

Anyways thought I'd have a change from cards today, and share one of my favourite layouts. This is my mum about a year before I was born (don't know where it was taken or exactly when, she's probably going to curse me for putting this photo on too, but I really like that it's not posed or anything). I used Sassafras Lass Papers (Fawn'd of You) - the butterflies, bird, branch, hearts and music notes were all cut from one of the sheets, which was a bit fiddly but I think it's worked well and I was able to position them overlapping the photo. The title is made from Thickers that I coloured with my paint markers.

Supplies: Sassafras Lass - Fawn'd of You papers, American Crafts - Thickers, Paint Markers
That's all for now XOX