Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Just another couple of pictures from earlier in the month - still getting used to the the new camera. Love this first picture - reminds me of a windows desktop wallpaper lol. It was taken in North East Wales (not really sure where - heading up towards the coast when we were on the way to visit Ian's uncle and cousin), love how blue the sky is - think this will definitely be making it onto a scrapbook page at some point in the future.

This was another of my favourites, really pleased with how well it came out and how clear the sheep is considering it was taken through a fence. Really am so impressed with the camera, sorry I mean my photography skills lol.

Right now I had best get on - got to try and decide what to order, want some new stamps - saw some really cute ones by Mo Manning (not sure what make they actually are) so going to try and track them down, and maybe some Penny Black lol, also I've just read on Kerry's blog about some digital 'stamps' by bugaboo, they look cool so might have to investigate. And fingers crossed (or rather if my credit card can take the strain) I may be able to expand my range of Copics... Right really had best get on before I think of more things to add to my already extensive list lol. XOX