Saturday, 8 May 2010

Nap Time

Back home from Wales for a few hours this evening, so thought would do a quick post while I thought on. Anyway incase I don't get chance to post anything later here is the second of the communion cards I made last week - had fun with the blonde hair for that one, always automatically go to pick up the brown pens lol.

Really want to go to bed for a few hours now but really shouldn't need to - been a very lazy/dozy day today so got no excuse lol. Although actually, watched 'the Notebook' for the first time last night, and sobbed soooo much, not just a delicate little tear was proper full-on crying lol good job we were at home lol so maybe that's what tired me out. So I'm going to try and get a new baby card done now (one of Ian's mate's has just had a little girl, India, awwww) and got to make a start on some other cards that have been asked for too cos haven't really been home this week to get anything done so going to have to play catch up next week.

Right had best get going with the cards otherwise will still be sat here messing on facebook in a few hours time lol XOX

PS yay nice sunny evening