Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Paper Sorting.... yawn (always forget how big this job is)

Right well since I was internet-less (and phone and telly-less too) I decided that I would use my time productively so after finishing my book and starting the next one I did some proper paper sorting, the photo below was about 15 mins in - I know how scary is that - it was even more scary to think how much it has all cost - eek no best of not thinking about that. And yay here we are semi organised (ignore the rest, the paper is organised all it's new little holders - love them cos can flick through them without having to get zillions of boxes out, and they fit loads in them - unfortunately I already need more lol) - the labels will also be neatened up but kept having to move stuff round so no sense in putting them on all neat.

Well that was last night, today has been spent at work - boooo - then have been opening all my parcels that have arrived so far (while listening to the thunder - love it), including a new camera which I'm off to have a play with in a mo, and some new colouring pens (can't wait to try them out), and LOTS of gorgeous papers (which I wasn't expecting till tomorrow at the earliest) from Craft Island and included a free gift and a little easter chick - awww how cute. Itching to get started now got all these papers lol

OK well I am off to play with my camera and then hopefully get a card done, so actually have something proper to post tomorrow. Happy Tuesday everyone x

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Not very productive weekend

Have had a lovely lazy weekend, spent with my boyfriend, went to friends last night and stuffed ourselves with pizza mmmmmmm - the downside is that (apart from the fact that I have probably put on a stone in 2 days) I still haven't sorted any of my scrapbooking papers out or made any cards yet - oh looks like am in for a fun couple of hours making a start on the papers...

I have however ordered a load of papers (Bo Bunny and MME) and some pens (new colours) which should all be arriving this week, yay cannot wait cards already planned so am itching to get going, also ordered a new camera - I'm meant to be saving for an SLR (amongst about 4 million other things) but this was a complete bargain, can't wait for it to arrive so can have a play with it, though memory card is from another site so fingers crossed they both arrive together lol. So anyway yep that's another parcel all excited about getting.

So yep haven't actually made anything for a little while now so thought I would share another of my favourite cards, and here it is ...

Roadster Nikki and sentiments stamps from Ladybug Crafts Ink, paper from K and Co Wild Raspberry collection (does anyone know which paper it is - would love to get more but can't seem to find it), and Bo Bunny double dot card and ribbon from Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn (fingers crossed those links have worked (first attempt at them though knowing me will have spelt something wrong lol), anyways had best get on if want to get any papers sorted tonight espectially as there's a few other papers that am trying to track down to order - up at 6.15 for work tomorrow :S so don't want to be up too late... and will hopefully have something to post in the next few days...

Friday, 26 March 2010

Drum roll please...

OOOOooooo my first post - how scary lol.

Well I've just started getting back into card-making, it's been a bit a while but am getting back into the swing of it, though I have to say I think that scrapbooking will always come first - yep the dark-side lol.

Well this is my latest creation, featuring Bathtub Nikki from Lady Bug Crafts Ink (mental note work out how to do links) and one of my favourite papers, sweetheart roses by Flair Designs that I can't get hold of anymore :'( and of course some Bo Bunny Double Dot ribbon and card. I love this card, added some shimmer powder to the bubbles too (well added it to most of the house cos it gets everywhere) love that effect. Have got a close up but don't know how to add 2 pictures doh lol.

Well I'm off to continue organising all my papers - wish me luck (believe me going to need it)