Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Just a really quick post cos I'm off to bed now (got to be up in 6 hours :S) but just thought I'd post the photo of Saturday's card. (It arrived today so I should be safe to post it lol.

Supplies: Penny Black Transparent Stamp, Paper from my craft box (really old and not got a clue who it's by), Ribbon, White Card, Pink Ink Pad
Just got back from the cinema, went to see Date Night, it was OK but no where near as good as the trailer made it look, but was still fun. Glad the weather brightened up this afternoon/evening getting sick of the cold and clouds and rain (anyone else remember when May used to be scorching?) keeping fingers crossed for a nice weekend but might be asking for too much there lol. Another long day in work tomorrow and then not sure if I'm going to tidy or do some cards??? (I know the sensible answer and I also know what I want to do lol) but for now am off for a quick check of Facebook and e-mails then off to bed otherwise will never get up in the morning. XOX