Monday, 26 July 2010

I thought it was meant to be July

It has tipped down all day today, got soaked on the way to work, on the way to get my dinner and then on the way home too, what a miserable start to the week. I thought I'd post something summery since the weather people seem to have forgotten that's what it's meant to be now lol.

Anyways here is one of my layouts from my Australia Album, I love this photo and would love to go back and take some more pictures - anyone willing to pay for a ticket??? PLEEEAAASSSEEEE??? As the title would suggest the photo is of Lake McKenzie, on Fraser Island off the East Coast of Australia, it was absolutely stunning - the pictures really don't do it justice. The water was crystal clear, turquoise in the shallows going deep blue when it went deeper. And the sand was incredibly fine, like icing sugar. I didn't want anything to distract from the photo so I kept my layout really simple.

Supplies: Sugar-coating, Sugar-coated Card & Card all by Doodlebug (how easy was that lol)

Anyways just a really quick post as I need to have a play with my new toy and need to try and get a couple of cards atleast started. XOX

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Just a really quick post cos am off back to bed now. Had a really lazy day yesterday but it was much needed as this week seems to have lasted forever. Watched some more Gavin and Stacey (I'd never seen it before - which was apparently something of a crime lol) and then watched 'The Ugly Truth' which I really enjoyed - there's not been that many chick flicks lately that have been worth watching so that was good. And yay found out from girl in work that they're filming 'One for the Money' - based on the first of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich - I LOVE these books so can't wait for the film only thing is I'm gonna have very high expectations lol.

Anyways I was in work this morning on overtime - car due a cam belt and not long till my contract runs out so I thought I'd better get in while had the chance, but starting work at 7 on a sunday completely finished me off - was meant to be going to a Chrisening party this afternoon, but went for a lie down when got in and zonk. Oops will have to send my apologies tomorrow.

For now here is the card that made for Amelia off her mummy and daddy...

Supplies: 'Baby Christening' Stamp by Lili of the Valley, Hot Pink Glitter Card, Printed Vellum & Pink Ribbon.
Right I'm off to bed now, there's a couple of competitions on the go at the moment so I'll hopefully be getting some cards done for them over the next few days. So will hopefully be back soon with something new to show you XOX

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Congratulation cupcake!

This is the card that I finished yesterday and had to resist posting last night. I LOVE this card. Think it's probably my favourite card, even if I do say so mayself. We gave it to Kim last night and she loved it :) (always a relief lol). She's just graduated with a First Class Degree!!! I think the normal sort of graduation cards can look a bit boy-ish, so I was just going to make a card with a cupcake on it to be different. But then I had the idea of putting a cap on a cake! I had to make the cap from scratch which probably took longer to make than the rest of the card, but I think it was worth it.

As for the greeting I made the mistake of asking Ian for his input and this is what he came up with lol. Bless. Still got to get him to make a whole card, so far he's just coloured in but not letting him get away with only half doing a job. Anyway here is a close up of the cake (from the die-cut, decoupage pack) complete with it's graduation cap.

Supplies: 'Piece of Cake' Glittered Decoupage Pad by Dovecraft, Double Dot card and ribbon by Bo Bunny, Paper from the 'Delilah' range by Bo Bunny, white card, pink shimmer ribbon, pink ink pad, black card & pink fibres

And yay I pre-ordered some stamps from Ladybug Crafts Ink with some epoxy dots etc, and again Kerry sent the dots now :) Can't wait for the stamps to arrive they look sooooo cute, itching to get started on the Christmas cards (will be the first year in ages that I've made more than one or two). My second order of Lili of the Valley stamps arrived too (all my new goodies are below), think going to get the ink pads out and have a go with them later. Oh and another of Lili of the Valley's DT, Dawn, has a competition on her blog to win stamps and die-cut images - how generous - so fingers crossed lol.

Right I had best get on otherwise will end up waffling on for ages, but I will have to say Ian and I went for a meal in Crosby last night with Mike and Kim, and the food was SOOOO nice - will definitely have to go back there. Started with scallops wrapped in parma ham (I think lol) there was some black pudding there too but I gave that a miss lol, with creamy mustard sauce. Then for mains I had seabass fillet stuffed with soft cheese and prawns in a creamy sauce..... mmmmmmmmmm could eat that again now lol. Will have to get the pictures off the camera. Ok really am going now, thinking maybe some cards while Ian watches the F1 qualifying, Yawn. XOX

Friday, 23 July 2010

Awwww sweetie


No cards to post today, I have finished one but it's only getting given this evening so I'll have to post it in the morning - I have to say it is one of my absolute favourites. Am finding it VERY hard to resist the temptation to post it now lol.

So in the absence of any cards (and scrapbook pages that have been edited) here's a picture of the teddy and flowers I got for our 6 month anniversary awww - how lovely thank you Ian xx

I'll post the card tomorrow (or later tonight if I can't wait lol).
Oh and while I remember our I spent a bit of time looking on the Lili of the Valley site, only just discovered them and their stamps are gorgeous, anyway check out the blog (link on the right side-bar), I spent quite a bit of time blog-hopping today and found some of the DT's blogs, first was... Cats Whiskers worth checking out there's a competition on at the moment to win two Lili of the Valley Stamps!!!! How cool!!!
Anyways I'd best go and get organised. XOX

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rain Rain go away.... pretty please

Well the journey home from work was a hell of a lot less stressful than yesterday's, thank goodness. Ian met me from work and got probably about a third of the way home and the traffic was only crawling, sat there for a bit then put the radio on for the traffic and it was saying that the road was flooded, anyway the next report said that the road was closed and one of the other roads now had a massive pot hole in it, so we turned round and kept heading up as each of the next roads up was just as bad as the first - there's only really 2 roads into where I live and one of them was the road that was closed - anyways had to go right the way up and round, but the traffic was just horrendous, never seen anything like it, to the point that all the little side streets were gridlocked too. And never seen flooding here either, I know it's not much compared to what some areas get but never seen it anything close to this - pics). So yep it ended up taking just over two and half hours to get home (it's normally about half and hour :S but atleast we made it home and didn't have to abandon the car. Fortunately even though we've had a fair bit more rain today there doesn't seem to have been a repeat :)

Anyways enough about that - can't you tell I'm British going on about the weather like that lol. Well I'm off to try and get some images scanned for some cards and then maybe to get some cards done, in a little bit, so thought I'd best post the last of Sunday's cards...

This is for 2 of my brother's mates from uni who are getting married in a couple of weeks. Using another of my new stamps - yay, love them, just trying to narrow down which to order next. Kept it nice and simple, think the image is too cute to be hidden by lots of other stuff.

The close up doesn't really show it either, but covered all the flowers in the glitter, love that effect, just seems to finish it off nicely.

Supplies: 'Wedding Couple' Stamp by Lili of the Valley, Paper by Flair Designs, Flower by Petaloo, Ribbon and Card
Well I'm off to try and get some more cards done. XOX

Monday, 19 July 2010

99 Luftballoons

Right well I'm meant to be busy making a card but as usual have found 3 million things to do in the mean time lol, copied pictures over and reorganised my hard-drive, had a play putting watermarks onto the photos and managed to set it up so it's now a one-click job, yay go me. Still need to sit and have a proper play with it, I've only ever had the basic photo-editing program before and got the full shebang this time - so going to take me a little while to get used to it and learn how to do everything.

I'm off to get some tea now then make a start on the first of tonight's cards - wish me luck got to hunt out some paper lol.

For now here is the second of yesterday's cards - I love this one - the red balloon reminds me of that song 99 Luftballoons (I think the English version was 99 Red Balloons??) And the paper is actually patterned tissue paper from Paperchase - how cool is it!?! think it works really well. You can't really see it but I added glossy accents to the balloon too. This is Add-on Magnum from Ladybug Crafts Ink, the balloon is from the add-on pack of stamps (really cool idea to mix and match the extras)

Supplies: 'Add-on Magnum' and 'Add-ons' Stamps by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Dotty Tissue paper by Paperchase, Card by Doodlebug

Right tea now, am starving...


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Get Well Soon Loz

Have had a few busy days since my last post, been down to Ian's and then on Friday we went to Cheshire Oaks so managed to get some new tops from Fat Face and some bargain PJs from Marks, and FINALLY remembered to go and get some repositionable spray - yay go me, only taken me a month to remember to get some. We then headed up to Old Trafford (bleugh) so Ian could get the new shirt (yep he's one of them - ick) then on to the Trafford Centre, lunch at Frankie and Benny's, couple of new tops, few dvds, a not very successful tea at Zizzi's (they got my order completely wrong so by the time they'd brought what I'd actually ordered Ian had nearly finished, but still atleast the food was nice), a new book journal later we went to see Eclipse. I have to say I wasn't actually looking forward to seeing the film cos I didn't like the last one, but it was actually quite good, alot better than I was expecting anyway, so you never know might finally get round to reading the last book.

Anyways when got back to mine I had my order from Angel Crafts waiting for me :) AND my order from Lili of the Valley. I'd never heard of Lili of the Valley before but they were featured in one of the craft magazines (Cardmaking and Papercraft if I've remembered rightly) so thought would try something new. I finally got some cards made this afternoon so here is the first of today's cards...
Supplies: 'Little Nurse' and Sentiment Stamps by Lili of the Valley, Paper from 'Dancing Girl' by Fancy Pants, Card by Papermania, Ribbon

This card of for one of the girls in work, hope she likes it, thought this image was sooooo cute - don't think that teddy is too keen on the idea of taking his medicine (bit like me really lol), really love these new stamps, there'll be another card using them on here in the next few days. Can't wait to get to use the rest of them and I've just seen the new Christmas stamps on the site - eeek going to have to get saving cos Kerry@Ladybug Crafts Ink has some new stamps out too...

Off to watch the Karate Kid with Ian now...


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Stunning Sunset

Just a really quick post as it's been a bit of a nightmare day in work and my head is pounding now. But just thought I'd share some of the pictures of the sunset at crosby Beach a few weeks ago.

How inconsiderate of the plane not to leave the trail in a straight line lol.

Just as it dropped below the horizon.

And one last one, a pic of me and Ian (one he actually likes!!! lol) love the way that one came out.

Right well I'm off for a lie down now, so I can hopefully get some more cards made later, just started thundering here so fingers crossed we'll have a big storm and that will clear my head. XOX

Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Stamps

Still going through trying out the new stamps I got from Kerry at Ladybug Crafts Ink, love the new Magnum ones, this one is Add-on Magnum, he's really cool, he comes with a birthday cake for him to hold and a sentiment, you can then get an extra set of stamps with some extras for him to hold - my next card will hopefully have him holding a balloon but need to try and find some paper to match and no look so far lol. Really cool idea though cos he's not just one stamp that way.

Anyways I'm going to keep this short and go and try and get another card done this afternoon, rather than just waffle on on here. Anyways here is the card hope you like it - used more of my free papers, love the packs of papers like that for cards, perfect size.

Supplies: 'Add-on Magnum' stamp from Ladybug Crafts Ink, 'Quite Contrary' Papers by My Mind's Eye, Double Dot Ribbon by Bo Bunny


Friday, 9 July 2010

Quite Contrary

It's been a few days since I've posted a Nikki card, I love this one, I bought Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine and got a fab pad of My Mind's Eye - Quite Contrary Papers. And I got to use one of the Nikki's that hasn't made it onto a card yet. I love this card it was soooo quick to make I only used the stamps, the free papers (which I'm definitely going to have to go and buy more of) and some white card so they were really cheap too. I'll post the second of Wednesday's cards tomorrow - 2 cards in an hour which for me I think is something of a record.

Supplies: 'Shopping Nikki' and sentiments stamps by Ladybug Crafts Ink, 'Quite Contrary' Papers by My Mind's Eye and white card and that's it - how simple is that!
I saw some new stamps in the magazine so have done a little order, so hopefully they'll arrive next week so I can have a play with them and get the pictures on here. For now I'm going to go and put a DVD on otherwise gonna be asleep before the end. XOX

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Funny Face

I've got a few spare mins before I get started on a few more cards so thought I'd post again. I didn't get the chance to post last night as we went to the cinema last night to see Letters to Juliet, that was such a sweet film really cute. I just thought I'd share another of my favourite scrapbook pages (try and even it up on the cards 'v' scrapbooking front lol), I'm gutted that I can't show you the picture that does on this layout - it was such a funny face. I love the nice bright colours of the paper helps make the layout look nice and fun. Let me know what you think...

Supplies: a funny photo, 'Nightlight' papers by October Afternoon, Thickers by American Crafts, Word Card from and ink pad
Thought I'd also share one of the pictures from Crosby Beach, on 21st June (longest day of the year) when we took a spare of the moment trip down to the beach with some friends who were visiting. How gorgeous is it!?! I'm thinking that I might have to get some of the pictures made into canvases, can't wait to have my own house with loads of walls to cover with my pictures.

Right OK, really will go and leave you peace now. Night all XOX

Tis the Season

Well think we're well into the wedding season now, almost all the cards I've been asked for have been for weddings, anniversaries or engagements. This is just a really quick post cos I need to get tea. This is a wedding card that my brother wanted for a couple of his friends (well being male he just asked for a wedding card and left the rest up to me lol). I found the heart sticker in the Paper Shop the other day and HAD to buy it, I wanted to keep to the white and gold theme and thought the printed vellum worked REALLY well even if do say so myself.

Supplies: Heart Sticker from the Paper Shop, Printed Vellum, Gold Card, Ribbon and Ink Pad.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

More Cupcakes

Another quick post, not done much this weekend just getting few bits done, and finished putting everyone onto the family tree program - yawn glad that's over...

Now here's another card from last week. Saw the new Dovecraft decoupage pads in the paper shop the other day and couldn't resist. I've not done any decoupage in ages so thought this was a good way to have another go at it. Really pleased with the way it's turned out, really quick to make too which will be good for doing cards in a hurry.

showing off the 3D-ed-ness lol not sure whether to add some glossy accents to the cherry to make it all shiny.

Supplies: DoveCraft Glitter Decoupage Pad, 'Delilah' Paper by Bo Bunny, Double Dot Card by Bo Bunny, White Card and Pink Ribbon
Well off for tea now then think it might be time to get some more cupcake cards made or some more magnum or finish my first Christmas Card or... lol typical indecisive Libran - will probably end up getting distracted by something else lol