Monday, 31 May 2010

I need another weekend to recover from this one please...

Well on one hand I'm glad this weekend is over, on the other I could do with another to have a rest to recover from this one. I had Thursday and Friday off work so had some packing and tidying to do as well as a couple of 'short-notice' cards to get done. Also got my hair cut in the afternoon - back there on thursday for Nikki to fix the mess I made of my colour (mental note do not give in when they don't have my usual shade in and buy the next nearest).

Had a great day at Alton Towers on Friday, absolutely worn out by the end of the day - forget how big that place is, also managed to get slightly sunburnt (slight understatement there lol) cos somebody left the suncream in the car, although was quite surprised that couldn't find anywhere selling it in the park selling it especially given the mark up they'd have gotten away with. But anyway was a fab day - going back again in the Autumn when we're hoping it might be a bit quieter. Stopped at Cheshire Oaks for some tea on the way back and then collapsed into bed.

Saturday Ian and I were at the wedding of one of his mates from school, so plenty of make-up for avoid looking like I'd over-done the blusher (I had 2 bright red circles of sunburn on my cheeks), and hair down to try and cover the rest lol. Here we are dressed up smart (well sort of in my case lol) don't think we scrub up too bead eh? lol.

And then yesterday we were off to a BBQ, needless to say we haven't really done anything today. But think think the cold I've had all weekend might be shifting (oh joy just in time for work lol) so that's good, just hope my ear sorts it's self out soon too.

Anyways thinking that I'd best put a picture of a card on too rather than just waffle on (so much for thinking I'll just do a quick post now cos I know I won't be on tomorrow) anyways this is an anniversary card I made for some friends (hoping that they've got and opened it yet again lol). A great little card for using up little scraps of paper (I have another one to post using one of the fairy stamps) so I hope you like it...

Supplies: 'Two Birds' Hero Arts Stamp, Anitas Glittery Card, Doodlebug Loopy Love Heart Paper, CS
Anyways I'm off to bed since I was going about an hour ago lol. Night All XOX

Thursday, 27 May 2010

All packed (I hope)

Right I'm all packed, got a busy weekend this weekend, hoping I've remembered to pack everything - fingers crossed anyway. So that's pretty much been my night, packing, but I've finished off the wedding card - just added the names to it so that's all done and ready - I've also got a couple of new baby cards started so just need to stick them together but hayfever has hit good style now and haven't the energy to carry on with them right now - think they're going to come out really well even if do say so myself.

Half my order from Ladybug Crafts Ink arrived this morning (I'd pre-ordered a couple of the magnum stamps along with some of the epoxy dots (I used one on the purple card a few posts down)) and was expecting that Kerry would send the dots with the magnums but they arrived this morning so that was a nice suprise - one of them has already made it onto a card this evening (will post after the weekend). Thanks Kerry - I'm sure you must have posted them before I'd even ordered them - delivery was that quick.

So just thought I'd do a little post now while got a few mins (waiting for Ian to pick me up) cos I know I won't be on here till Monday at the earliest. Another Nikki card, how cute are the dogs, I've put diamontes on as their tags - how cute. And I've just realised ANOTHER pink and green card lol.

Supplies: Ladybug Crafts Ink Dog-Walker Nikki and Sentiments Stamps, Bo Bunny Double Dot ribbon, papermania PP

Right I'm now off to double check that I've got everything and then have a lie down while I can lol. Have a good weekend, and I'll be back in a few days with a couple of cards...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Awwww wie suess

Awww how cute is he, I'd not managed to get much done today, was in work till late and then by the time I'd eaten and dyed my hair (eeek am red again and not through choice - wasn't meant to be this red ah well, hopefully it'll fade soon). And then my Auntie called round - she'd altered a dress for me so yay it doesn't trail on the floor anymore :) and actually looks nicer on than I remembered. She's asked me to do a retirement card so will have to do that tomorrow before the madness of the weekend hits.

Anyways so as I was saying not made much progress with cards today, got a couple prepared but not managed to stick anything together so here is this cute little card from February. I love the Penny Black Piece of my Heart Stamps, there was loads on there and can be used for other things not just tied to lovey-dovey theme.

Supplies: Penny Black Piece of My Heart Stamp set, My Little Shoebox Sticker, Forever Friends paper, CS and ribbon.

Anyways I will hopefully have chance to post some cards tomorrow but then bit of a busy weekend so it'll probably be Monday or Tuesday before the next post. XOX.

PS Kerry's stamps are now available to preorder (I ordered the Magnum ones this morning :)) on her website -

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bit of a Change

Yay have been able to get a bit of a better set up for the blog - had wanted 3 columns for a while cos I think it looks a bit neater, but there was none on the templates tab and there wasn't anything that I could find online that I really really liked. But anyway my wonderful boyfriend was able to do some html editing and here we are :D I've still got to sort out the colours a bit - not quite right but I think it's still looking pretty good even if I do say so myself lol.

Anyways here is the 3rd of Sundays cards, can you tell this was my favourite of the new stamps, onto 2 cards already lol and already been asked to make another :) yay glad other people like her too.

Supplies: 'Jill is Two' stamp by Mo Manning for Stamping Bella, PP from Wild Raspberry by K&Co, Buttons from Ladybug Crafts Ink, ribbon and sentiment printed off computer.
So I've definitely been getting my money's worth out of my copics with all the colouring in I've been doing lol (def think my colouring skills have improved too lol). I think I prefer the green and purple card but have to say really like the pink and white too. Anyways it was another quick post for you again today I would write more but it's gone midnight and I'm up at 6.15 (ouch) so I'm off to bed now, night all xox

Monday, 24 May 2010

Feel Better Soon

Only a short post today (OI - I heard you breath that sigh of relief just then) as I've been in work (for far too long on a nice sunny afternoon) all day and I need to get a card done for one of the girls in work... had best get a move on if I want to be in bed at a reasonable time.

Anyways here is the 2nd of Sunday's cards, this is for another of the girls in work who's not been well, hopefully she won't check on here until after she receives it lol. Hopefully the nice bright colours will help cheer her up.

Supplies: Penny Black transparent Stamps, Ladybug Crafts Ink Sentiment stamp, PP from DCWV Posy Stack, Petaloo flowers, Doodlebug CS and a button (this one is also from Ladybug Crafts Ink)

Right I'm keeping to my word that it will only be a short post and am going to get on with the card - still got to get it coloured yet...


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sun Sun Sun !!! :)

Well after having a bit of a lazy start to the day, I had a really productive afternoon and evening, I managed to get 3 cards completely finished and got another 3 that just need to be stuck together. And also managed to have a clear out of some more craft stuff - all the old basic stuff that I'd had since I started making cards more than 10 years ago, I hadn't used any of it in probably 7 or 8 years so it's been bagged up ready to be sent to my little cousin's house - oh her mum's gonna love me lol glitter will be everywhere. Still got more to sort, but wasn't really the weather for tidying I was getting very hot and bothered and stroppy so I gave up and had a sit down and caught up on some episodes of glee :)

Well this is the first of today's cards, I used one of the stamps I ordered last week - I absolutely love this one (it reminds me of ME, unfortunately not just when I was little well I don't consider myself grown-up so that's OK) I know I saw it on a blog somewhere but can't remember where. Anyways here is the card. And notice amazingly NO PINK!!! (don't worry I made up for it on the second card lol).

I really wanted to use some of my new ribbon, (purple grosgrain with stitching down the sides (real stitching too (not just the drawn-on 'stitches' like a lot of them have) so it's all touchy-feely - love things like that, must be the scrapbooker in me). But yep once I'd picked the paper there was no way I could put the ribbon on too - think it would have disappeared into the pattern on the paper, fortunately managed to find these petaloo flowers that match up pretty well. Anyways here's a close up of the flower, trying to show the pattern on the epoxy dots - really pretty definitely going to have to order some more of them.

Supplies: Jill is Two Stamp by Mo Manning for Stamping Bella, Petaloo Flowers, Epoxy dots from Ladybug Crafts Ink, PP (sorry not the faintest idea who it's by - been using up old stash again) & DCWV card.
Oh if you haven't already check out Ladybug Crafts Ink's Blog Kerry has got a new range of stamps due out next month - a really cute cat called Magnum, a little girl called Robyn and a new Nikki - they all look fab but have to say am really looking forward to buying the Magnum ones (which is odd since I don't like cats, but they look really cool).
Right well I am off to watch some of vampire diaries now then I'm thinking an early night. I'll post the 2nd of tonight's cards tomorrow XOX

i LOVE summer

Yay finally a summer weekend - have had such a nice relaxing weekend. Chippy tea and then went down to the front (AKA Crosby Beach) on Friday. The sunset wasn't brilliant but got some nice shots down there. Ian still hasn't learnt to stand there and have his picture taken once, instead he likes to hide or turn away which just means I took about 10 pics instead lol. I have to say the photo below is one of my favourites (even though he's hiding behind the camera, was just chance that managed to get the shot straight on before he moved lol).

It was really odd that in one direction it was really clear and in the other it was misty, you can just see the mist in front of the hills on the pic below - was going for a more arty shot, I love it with the iron men and the mist in the background. PS yep I'd found the sepia setting on my camera

Right well I've spent rather a lot of time in the sun, instead of getting cards done so I'm thinking that I should get on and get some done (plus don't want to spend too much more time out there and risk burning cos don't want to be peeling for the wedding next weekend) so I'll have some cards to post later on or tomorrow - can't keep just putting photos on lol.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend XOX

Friday, 21 May 2010

Happy Birthday Vicky

Happy Birthday Vicky, hope you had a great day and hope you liked your card off your mum - am sure the best bit was that you appeared on it lol.

Supplies: Bo Bunny Alissa Papers, Sentiment Stamp from Ladybug Crafts Ink, Bo Bunny Double Dot Ribbon

Well I might have gone slightly mad with my orders this week but I came home to about a million (I wish) lovely parcels today, got loads of new papers and replenished my supplies of a couple of favourites and I've also got a couple of new stamps by Mo Manning (I think - will check before post photos of them) can't wait to get them out and coloured. I've also downloaded a couple of digi 'stamps' to try out. Have to admit not entirely sure how I'll go with them as I've never been a fan of digi-scrapbooking (I think you miss out by not having all the different textures and layers etc, and sort of consider it to be cheating a bit lol, but I thought since there's so many digi-stamps out there now and there's obviously a lot more flexibility and less chance of me making a mistake lol, will have a go over the weekend and will post and let you know how I get on


Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Just another couple of pictures from earlier in the month - still getting used to the the new camera. Love this first picture - reminds me of a windows desktop wallpaper lol. It was taken in North East Wales (not really sure where - heading up towards the coast when we were on the way to visit Ian's uncle and cousin), love how blue the sky is - think this will definitely be making it onto a scrapbook page at some point in the future.

This was another of my favourites, really pleased with how well it came out and how clear the sheep is considering it was taken through a fence. Really am so impressed with the camera, sorry I mean my photography skills lol.

Right now I had best get on - got to try and decide what to order, want some new stamps - saw some really cute ones by Mo Manning (not sure what make they actually are) so going to try and track them down, and maybe some Penny Black lol, also I've just read on Kerry's blog about some digital 'stamps' by bugaboo, they look cool so might have to investigate. And fingers crossed (or rather if my credit card can take the strain) I may be able to expand my range of Copics... Right really had best get on before I think of more things to add to my already extensive list lol. XOX

Monday, 17 May 2010

More Nikki's

Managed to get a card done tonight (which after 11 and half hours in work, was something of a miracle lol) but once again can't post it yet as the birthday isn't until Friday (but I did finish one - honest). So it's been quite a productive day, managed to build quite a bit of flexi and get the card done. Not sure whether I should try and keep going since I must be on a roll, or quit while I'm ahead (right at this moment I'm leaning towards quitting cos I've got a new episode of Vampire Diaries (much better than Twilight) to watch). I also need (yep NEED) to order some new papers and seen some cute stamps too which am very tempted by but they may have to wait till next month, on accound of my car needing new tyres (yawn).

But anyways for now here are the Mother's Day cards that I made back in March (pre-blog so they weren't posted at the time). Hope you like them XOX

Supplies: Slobbing Nikki and Sentiments Stamps by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Karen Foster Sweetheart paper, Bo Bunny Double Dot Ribbon, Card, Glitter flocking (for towel and slippers - sorry doesn't show up very well on the photo)

Supplies: Slobbing Nikki and Sentiment Stamps by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Bo Bunny Flutter Butter (I think) papers, Glitter Flocking for towel and slippers (again doesn't really show up in the photo)


Sunday, 16 May 2010


Oops didn't manage to get any cards done this weekend, the time went far to quickly. Was naughty and had chippy tea on Friday and then pizza last night, and by some miracle when tried my dress on (we're at a wedding in a fortnight) this morning, it still fits :) yay not got to starve myself for the next 2 weeks :) Anyways so turned into a bit of a busy weekend, calling in to visit people all of Saturday, and then a lazy day watching rubbish on the telly today to make up for it.

I was meant to get some cards done this evening but they will have to wait till tomorrow, cos I decided instead to start sorting my room. I used to collect Cherished Teddies so I spent this evening roundin them up and sorting out a load to go back in boxes in the loft for now. Glad that done and out of the way, made loads of space, just need to stop sneezing from the dust (lets just say it had been a while since the top shelves had been dusted (well hey they're well above my eye-level so I can't see it lol) - when I have my own house I want one of those signs that says 'You can touch the dust but please don't write in it'

Anyways haven't really got anything to show for it so I thought I'd share another of my scrapbook pages...

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Story Time paper, Doodlebug card, Felt letters
this one is from when I did a sky-dive in australia, which was absolutely amazing.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pig Tales

Had a few spare mins so thought I'd add a couple of pics, nope not cards or scrapbooking this time. Thought I'd add the pics of the piggy bank I painted and decorated for my friends little girl when she was born.

Thought it turned out really well (even if I do say so myself), love the glittery scrolls. XOX

Friday, 14 May 2010


Yay back in the PINK, managing to avoid nearly all other colours for this wedding card (just need to add the greeting to the base ), I love this Hero Arts stamp, looks great stamped in this silver, made up that I found this Doodlebug paper in my stash the colors match perfectly.

Right this is yet another short post as I was in work late and still in the process of making bed, sorting myself out after my shower, and need to get to the chippy and get some tea. But I'll try and do a proper post over the weekend. XOX

Supplies: Two Birds stamp by Hero Arts, Doodlebug Loopy Love Collection paper, Bazill card, ribbons and pens

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Will someone please tell the weather it's meant to be May

Yay the sun made an appearance today :) after a cold and rainy morning, it was 1 degree this morning when I went out to work - for goodness sake it's meant to be May, it always used to be baking this time of year so I'm hoping that whoever is in charge of the thermostat will stop playing with it and laughing at us and send some nice warm weather our way (ideally for weekends and the days I've booked leave please lol).

Spent 3 hours this afternoon sleeping off a migraine, so missed quite a bit of the day but atleast my head is feeling clearer now. And managed to get 2 cards done this evening too - will post pics later in the week, for now here is a birthday card that I made for one of the girls in work. Love the new double fold cards I got, they save so much time of having to stick 2 cards together and obviously work out cheaper too as only using one card, will definitely be having to order some more of them.

Supplies: Bathtub Nikki Stamp and Sentiments Stamp by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Papers from the Bo Bunny - Alissa Collection, Bo Bunny Double Dot ribbon, shimmer powder
Had some stamps that I hadn't used so been having a play with them today, so will get some cards made using the images over the weekend, been trying to make an effort to use all the things I've bought and then stuck in a cupboard or drawer and they haven't seen the light of day since. Didn't realise how many stamps I still had from when I used to make cards about 10 years ago, and the silly thing is half of them hadn't ever been used.
No post tomorrow as I'm off to the quiz with Ian, looking forward to the weekend - starting with chippy tea on Friday night :) and hopefully off up to visit my nanna and grandad too Anyways I really need to be getting to bed, long day tomorrow so gonna need my beauty sleep. XOX

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Just a really quick post cos I'm off to bed now (got to be up in 6 hours :S) but just thought I'd post the photo of Saturday's card. (It arrived today so I should be safe to post it lol.

Supplies: Penny Black Transparent Stamp, Paper from my craft box (really old and not got a clue who it's by), Ribbon, White Card, Pink Ink Pad
Just got back from the cinema, went to see Date Night, it was OK but no where near as good as the trailer made it look, but was still fun. Glad the weather brightened up this afternoon/evening getting sick of the cold and clouds and rain (anyone else remember when May used to be scorching?) keeping fingers crossed for a nice weekend but might be asking for too much there lol. Another long day in work tomorrow and then not sure if I'm going to tidy or do some cards??? (I know the sensible answer and I also know what I want to do lol) but for now am off for a quick check of Facebook and e-mails then off to bed otherwise will never get up in the morning. XOX

Monday, 10 May 2010

Time for a Change

Right thought it was time for a change. I've spent this afternoon since I got in from work going through my scrapbook albums (mainly pulling out pages featuring an ex-friend - speaking of which anyone got any ideas on what I could do with these - seems a shame just to bin them after all the work and materials that have gone into them). Anyways really got me itching to get back and do some scrapbooking, I think I've only completed 1 page this whole year (which really isn't like me - but just don't seem to have the time between work and visiting friends and getting cards done and all those little jobs that turn out to be bigger than what you first thought and occasionally (if I'm lucky) getting a little bit of sleep lol. But anyways I've got a couple of cards that I need to get done this week and then think my next challenge will be to FINALLY get a page done.

I can't post the pictures of the last few cards that I've done because they haven't yet made their way to the people yet, so I'll post them in the next few days, in the mean time here is one of my fairly recent layouts and one of my favourites, featuring rob and bob, and junkitz papers, bazill card and my trusty paint markers (love them - thinking that I'm going to have to work them into a card somehow now I've just been reminded of them lol).

Anyways I had best get on with tonight's cards so I can get an early-ish night (haha as if that'll happen) oh and had a quick "look" in The Paper Shop today lol, so got some new punches to try out, and some cute chipboard letter albums (task for the weekend maybe?) Right really am going now... XOX

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Nap Time

Back home from Wales for a few hours this evening, so thought would do a quick post while I thought on. Anyway incase I don't get chance to post anything later here is the second of the communion cards I made last week - had fun with the blonde hair for that one, always automatically go to pick up the brown pens lol.

Really want to go to bed for a few hours now but really shouldn't need to - been a very lazy/dozy day today so got no excuse lol. Although actually, watched 'the Notebook' for the first time last night, and sobbed soooo much, not just a delicate little tear was proper full-on crying lol good job we were at home lol so maybe that's what tired me out. So I'm going to try and get a new baby card done now (one of Ian's mate's has just had a little girl, India, awwww) and got to make a start on some other cards that have been asked for too cos haven't really been home this week to get anything done so going to have to play catch up next week.

Right had best get going with the cards otherwise will still be sat here messing on facebook in a few hours time lol XOX

PS yay nice sunny evening

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Who broke the weather?

OK where on earth has all the nice sunshine gone? It's meant to be May so what's going on with rain - not impressed, typical isn't it just in time for a couple of days off work but hey still off work so that's always a plus. Got to remember to vote tomorrow too otherwise will lose my right to complain when tax goes up, petrol goes up, and pension age goes up lol

Anyways this is just a quick post cos off out for tea and the cinema now, but here's one of the other cards from Friday - Communion card that one of the girls from work had ordered (with the main requirement being no pink lol). Right best get going now XOX

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Quick Post

I can't post the other 2 cards I made last night cos the girls that asked for them haven't seen them yet so I'll post them in the week, so for now here's a birthday card I made the other day, it doesn't really show up on the photo but Nikki's dress is covered in black glitter, how sparkly :) I love the papers - it's the unforgetable range from Bo Bunny think it works well with the purple, but thinking it's gonna work even better with hot pink so might have to try that.

Right off to tidy up before my Nanna's party now XOX