Monday, 10 May 2010

Time for a Change

Right thought it was time for a change. I've spent this afternoon since I got in from work going through my scrapbook albums (mainly pulling out pages featuring an ex-friend - speaking of which anyone got any ideas on what I could do with these - seems a shame just to bin them after all the work and materials that have gone into them). Anyways really got me itching to get back and do some scrapbooking, I think I've only completed 1 page this whole year (which really isn't like me - but just don't seem to have the time between work and visiting friends and getting cards done and all those little jobs that turn out to be bigger than what you first thought and occasionally (if I'm lucky) getting a little bit of sleep lol. But anyways I've got a couple of cards that I need to get done this week and then think my next challenge will be to FINALLY get a page done.

I can't post the pictures of the last few cards that I've done because they haven't yet made their way to the people yet, so I'll post them in the next few days, in the mean time here is one of my fairly recent layouts and one of my favourites, featuring rob and bob, and junkitz papers, bazill card and my trusty paint markers (love them - thinking that I'm going to have to work them into a card somehow now I've just been reminded of them lol).

Anyways I had best get on with tonight's cards so I can get an early-ish night (haha as if that'll happen) oh and had a quick "look" in The Paper Shop today lol, so got some new punches to try out, and some cute chipboard letter albums (task for the weekend maybe?) Right really am going now... XOX