Friday, 30 April 2010


Soooooo glad that it's Friday, this has been my first full week in work since February (between being ill, strike days, bank holidays and leave) and god has it been a killer lol, work has been busy and then been busy in the evenings too so feel like I could sleep for a week now lol. Evening of girly films with Steph last night, and both of us ended up falling asleep on the sofa waiting for the boys to get back - I know life and soul of the party lol.

Anyways actually managed to get 3 cards done this evening!!! I know how good is that after a full week in work (and just realised I did 3 on Monday night too - I've never done so many in one week), anyway am proud of myself (well someone has to be). Anyways here is a little get well card for Ian's Auntie, how cute is the Penny Black stamp (yay finally used it) anyway late now so am off to bed. Night night xox

Thursday, 29 April 2010

My favourite

I wasn't expecting to be on the computer at all today, the plan was to stay late and build up some flexi hours ready for a few days off next week, and well that turned into a leave as soon as it turned 3 o'clock, thinking I'd have a quick look in Primark, well that turned into an hour long shopping trip and cost me a fortune - now I know technically it's impossible to spend a fortune in there but I swear I managed it, especially as I haven't actually been paid yet - my poor credit card. But anyway got a couple of dresses and tops and swimming stuff so am all kitted out for the summer now, all I need is the weather lol, and nope I'm not to blame for all the water currently falling out the sky it was raining even before the idea of going shopping popped into my head lol. Anyways I'm home now, just about dried off, but still trying to warm my feet up, my poor little ballet pumps just couldn't stand up to the puddles in town lol.
So anyway had a really nice evening yesterday, well other than a pigeon flying into the side of my car on the m'way :S but managed to calm myself down and turned into a really nice evening (I don't think Ian enjoyed it as much as me, mainly due to me making him watch Glee (what was worse is he doesn't like Madonna, and it was the Madonna episode lol) bless him, we'll have to watch it from the beginning so he learns to like it lol. I'm off to steph's for the evening/night in a bit so thought would do a 'quick' post now rather than wait until tomorrow.
Well as promised this is my favourite of the 3 cards I made on Monday...

Another card using my new stamp and Bo Bunny Aliss paper and double dot ribbon. I have a habit of colouring in the images and then picking paper to go with them (I think this is because at heart I am a scrapbooker and am used to having to find papers to go with my photos when really when I'm making cards I should be making the most of been able to pick the papers and colour the image to match but it's a hard habit to break). Anyways that was a very waffley way of explaining why the tulips are yellow/orange instead of pink lol, I'm thinking I may have to do another card with them in pink instead lol. I know that's sad isn't it lol.
Anyways off to get myself ready to go out otherwise will still be in my PJs lol. XOX

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Monday Again

Am sure that some one has mixed up all my days this week, work today definitely felt like a Monday but then this afternoon dragged like a friday, and I've been convinced it's Thursday all day. Confused yet? lol. You are are? good, welcome to my world.

Well I'm off to my boyfriends now hopefully for a nice DVD and cheer up, after some rubbish this evening. We went to see Cemetery Junction last night which was really good, some very funny bits. Got a busy couple of days coming up, but hoping to fit in another couple of films, can't believe the amount that are out at the moment that look good, I think it's gonna be expensive come the time when they all come out on DVD lol and that's just to buy the new shelves.

Well this is the second of my cards from Monday, features Chatty Nikki from Ladybug Crafts Ink and some papermania paper and for the bargain effect some ribbon that I'd cut off a top (you know the ones that they use to attach the clothes to the coat hangers in the shops) I love the colours on this, and yay back to my usual pink lol.

Right well I'd best get going, I probably won't be able to post tomorrow as off to Steph's while the boys go to see Peter Kay, but on Friday I'll post the 3rd (and my favourite) of Monday's cards, and hopefully get some new ones made - I've just had a huge order of blank cards arrive, including some double fold cards - yay huge time saver from having to make my own or stick 2 normal cards together :) and got a couple of new stamps (as well as some I found in the cupboard) to try out too - so that should be good, hopefully it'll be as productive as Monday :) Right well I really best get going still few bits to do before leave.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Productive Day

I am so ready for bed now, busy day at work and stayed bit later than usual too. Then been tidying up, finally starting to feel organised. AND have just managed to finish not one, not 2 but 3 cards this evening, not managed to get that many done in ages.

So this is the first of today's cards - I might ration them and post the others in the next couple of days lol. This is my new Ruby Fairy Stamp (Tulip Ruby) from Ladybug Crafts Ink, how cute, I found this Karen Foster - Garden - Pretty Petals paper when I was having my clear out and thought it was something a bit different for a card definitely makes a change from my usual greens, pinks and blues of late.
Sorry I forgot to crop the second picture, how cute are her glittery wings (doodlebug lily white sugar coating), and bless there's a little ladybug on the plant pot, I've added some diamond glaze to the bug - it doesn't really show up on the photo but is all 3d and shiney in real life lol.

Well I think that's all for today, off to the cinema with Ian tomorrow :) and off to Steph's on Thursday can't wait for either nice to have something to look forward to after work. XOX

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Well today has certainly been alot more relaxing than yesterday - not that it was hard considering yesterday morning. How nice has the weather been this weekend just seems to put everyone in a better mood (well most people) when the sun is out, really can't wait for the warm weather (not going to be over optimistic and hope for a proper summer lol - given I live in England that's setting myself up for disappointment lol), had a lazy day today really, not got much done but was much needed, not managed to finish any cards but but have managed to get some colouring in done today so got 3 images ready so will hopefully be able to decide on papers today (typical of me can't make a decision - can see me having to colour more in and making another card with the other paper lol.

So for today here is a card that I made a few weeks ago, I love it, the stamp is 'Cupcake Ruby' by Ladybug Crafts Ink (incase you hadn't noticed I love Kerry's stamps), I love the glitter on her wings and around the bottom of her dress), the paper is by My Mind's Eye but I don't know the collection (it was free with a magazine - I remember that much) I love the colours - something a little bit different :) Anyways I had best get back to arguing with myself about which papers to use on the next few cards. XOX

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Oh I've just set up a Flickr Account so I've added a link to that at the side - so have added some extra pictures on there.


Oh my god can't believe it's half 2 already, was up and out by 7 this morning and not long got back from a 280 mile round trip to collect some things I had left at a friend's only to find 2 of the books I needed are blimmin' missing - don't cha just love it - really not amused cos one of them was a present :S So yep anyway after all that driving feeling pretty much done in now, but not quite finished yet, got a couple of cards got to get done this weekend so going to make a start on them now while himself is at the football (he supports the wrong team bless him).
Anyways not sure what's going on with my internet today, half the sites won't load and the ones that do are missing stuff (which is why this post isn't in my usual font, though actually this one is growing on me lol - yep I'm lazy and it's easier than trying to work out what's wrong lol). Anyways this is one of my cards from earlier in the week - continuing in the green and cream theme (hopefully will get something finished today so I can post in another colour later or tomorrow). Card features Chatty Nikki by Ladybug Crafts Ink and Lemon Grass - Lime paper by Crate Paper, definitely going to be having to stock up on it I think incase I go through another green phase lol, but for now I think I am off to try and get some more cards made using my new stamps, and hopefully try and get back into my usual pink and purple palette (nothing like the comfort zone is there!?! especially after spending time out of it)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Going Green

Nope the title is nothing to do with recycling etc which we already do, but more that there seems to be an awful lot of green sneaking onto my cards lately - which is a bit strange cos I've never really liked the colour much let alone actually used it much. Admittedly this card is green by request so atleast I know it's not invaded too much yet lol. Anyways another Nikki card (Nikki Stamps are available from Ladybug Crafts Ink) I got this paper from Craft Island, it's part of the My Mind's Eye - Lush Green collection and it's one of my new favourites cos all the dots are flocked making it all touchy feely lol. I love the flowers too, I think they're petaloo ones but I can't find the packet, but they were from Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn. I have to say this is one of my favourites, and I love the saying "THE YEARS HAVE BEEN KIND IT'S THE HEELS THAT HAVE DONE THE DAMAGE" I can't even remember where I heard this but I can think of a fair few people it would be appropriate for. And now I am off to read through my magazine before tea and then back to work, though it might just be a colouring-in night - cos I've just got some new stamps from Ladybug Crafts Ink and I can't wait to get them out and see what the images look like all coloured in lol. XOX

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

oooo I forgot...

Nearly forgot we went down to see the sunset down by the beach (5 min drive from home) on Thursday, it was meant to be stunning cos of all the volcanic ash in the air, but unfortunately there was a great big cloud sitting almost in the way, still it was very pretty, really can't beat the sun setting over water (it doesn't seem like a real sunset to me unless there's water lol) But anyway here is one of the pics (think it was worth freezing for (it was FREEZING down there - roll on the summer)) Also over the weekend we called over to Neil and Steph's on Saturday dinner time so Ian could watch the footy (if I remember rightly they won) anyways we didn't end up getting home till 11 that night. Anyways it was a lovely afternoon/evening nice to relax, Steph ended up messing with my hair (result below - how cool is that - and how lovely is her wall paper lol). Really must get round to making a hair appointment though (it's on my to do list - though having said that it's been on there for about 2 months so far lol)

The sun is shining...

Argh it's been one of those days (weeks/months lol), really need to find a new job need something new now, been there too long (on and off lol), been busy out of work and few 'issues' with things but they all seem to be settling down a bit now :)

Had a nice long weekend, went up to Southport with my brother (he's a teacher on the Isle of Man and was home for the holidays) so that was nice, got some cute storage boxes from Smiths all pink and aqua and covered in cupcakes, they were in the sale so couldn't really not buy them lol. Then bit of a busy day on Friday, off to Ikea first so new pillows and a new set of drawers that I built on Monday night :) then an afternoon, tea and a film (Dear John) at the Trafford Centre with Ian.

Anyways been so busy that don't seem to have got anywhere at all with getting cards done, and some were getting close to 'due' date lol, so I finally got my butt into gear, and here is the first of the cards that I made today... Chatty Nikki from Ladybug Crafts Ink, coloured in a mix of copics (they're still new to me) and derwent pencils, Petaloo Flower and Pebbles paper that I've had for ages and never got round to using, and some paper lace that I've had for years that was buried at the bottom of a drawer.
Anyways I think I'm going to try and get another card done and then hopefully an early night xo

Monday, 5 April 2010

Slave Labour

Oh dear, so not a good picture, but here I am to prove that I did actually do something over the weekend, since I don't have any finished cards to show for it (have several nearly finished - so they'll hopefully make it to the finished stage during this week (well maybe that's me been a bit over optimistic - should definitely finish atleast one lol)). Anyways you can't really see very clearly on the picture but these are my new(ish) Penny Black transparent stamps - soooooo cute - hopefully they're going to become some cute birthday cards in the near future. Had a really lovely weekend (soooooooo not looking forward to work tomorrow) feel like not done anything and being quite lazy but have actually done quite a bit but just had very lazy starts to the day - I think I'll be crying when my alarm goes off at 6 tomorrow morning.Ian wanted to colour in, bless him - he liked the Copics and wanted to have a go himself, so I guess it doesn't really count as slave labour if he volunteers for it, and not quite so sure about the his colour choices that included purple hair, blue beer and practically neon-orange burger bun, but he gave it a go :)

And well going to have to leave this a short message cos I think I had better get on and see if I can actually finish some cards xox

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Finally Finally Finally finished a card...

FINALLY got round to updating, don't seem to have managed to get much done this week at all, am sure someone has been putting the clocks forward all week.

Off to a thirtieth this evening and typical for me, completely forgot about the card till today, so have been busy this afternoon and got this made, got these papermania stamps last week because I suddenly realised that I didn't have any 'masculine' stamps, and during my paper clear out I found loads of stuff that had forgotten about including this Cherry Arte paper. Like the nice bright primary colours, not a colour-combination I normally use but think it works.

Anyways am off to try and get another card done before have to get ready - wish me luck...
PS new website - - just links back to here for now x