Sunday, 23 May 2010

i LOVE summer

Yay finally a summer weekend - have had such a nice relaxing weekend. Chippy tea and then went down to the front (AKA Crosby Beach) on Friday. The sunset wasn't brilliant but got some nice shots down there. Ian still hasn't learnt to stand there and have his picture taken once, instead he likes to hide or turn away which just means I took about 10 pics instead lol. I have to say the photo below is one of my favourites (even though he's hiding behind the camera, was just chance that managed to get the shot straight on before he moved lol).

It was really odd that in one direction it was really clear and in the other it was misty, you can just see the mist in front of the hills on the pic below - was going for a more arty shot, I love it with the iron men and the mist in the background. PS yep I'd found the sepia setting on my camera

Right well I've spent rather a lot of time in the sun, instead of getting cards done so I'm thinking that I should get on and get some done (plus don't want to spend too much more time out there and risk burning cos don't want to be peeling for the wedding next weekend) so I'll have some cards to post later on or tomorrow - can't keep just putting photos on lol.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend XOX