Sunday, 16 May 2010


Oops didn't manage to get any cards done this weekend, the time went far to quickly. Was naughty and had chippy tea on Friday and then pizza last night, and by some miracle when tried my dress on (we're at a wedding in a fortnight) this morning, it still fits :) yay not got to starve myself for the next 2 weeks :) Anyways so turned into a bit of a busy weekend, calling in to visit people all of Saturday, and then a lazy day watching rubbish on the telly today to make up for it.

I was meant to get some cards done this evening but they will have to wait till tomorrow, cos I decided instead to start sorting my room. I used to collect Cherished Teddies so I spent this evening roundin them up and sorting out a load to go back in boxes in the loft for now. Glad that done and out of the way, made loads of space, just need to stop sneezing from the dust (lets just say it had been a while since the top shelves had been dusted (well hey they're well above my eye-level so I can't see it lol) - when I have my own house I want one of those signs that says 'You can touch the dust but please don't write in it'

Anyways haven't really got anything to show for it so I thought I'd share another of my scrapbook pages...

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Story Time paper, Doodlebug card, Felt letters
this one is from when I did a sky-dive in australia, which was absolutely amazing.