Thursday, 24 June 2010

Queues Queues Queues

Wow what a 'busy' day it's been today. We were up at silly o'clock - I know during a week off :o( but I was bribed with a McDonalds Breakfast lol. Anyways everything took longer than should today and am knackered now.

And what was worse was I came home with no new toys to play with (Ian has a new phone to play with), had been looking at Netbooks but couldn't find one that fitted the right balance of price and computer-y stuff, and was also pretty lol. So will have to keep looking on that one. But my stamps from Kerry (Ladybug Crafts Ink) arrived this morning :) got some of the Magnum cat ones - they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, can't wait to get some cards made with them. But in the meantime here is the card I made for Father's Day....

Supplies: Card Kit free with Magazine, including the papers and the 'Hot Diggity Dog' by Andrea Jayne chipboard images
I was going to do one of my double-fold cards (anyone else make them like I do??? think most I've seen have been easel cards but I haven't managed to make one of them and have them work and look OK) but anyway thought that the double-fold type would confuse him and he'd likely manage to pull half of it off - bless him lol.
Anyways thinking that I deserve an early night now... XOX