Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Can't make up my mind

I will apologise now if I waffle on a bit - finally got a bit of time to post. Have only just sat down since I got in from work - 4 loads of washing done and put out to (hopefully dry) while I'm in work tomorrow, washing that was dry put away, stripped the bed (argh still got that to make - please let them invent an automatic bed maker machine sometime soon), and tidied up a bit (got bored half-way through that. Anyways now eating nachos and watching old eps of Red Dwarf before an early night :) well maybe after

Well I've finally had chance to have a play with my Pro-markers and.... I love them. I love my Copics but I think I prefer the Pro-Markers - they're a bit more like normal felt-tips so feel a bit more normal to colour with and have found them easier to blend than the Copics. But I think I still prefer the Copics for skin colour, but in true Libran fashion I can't make up my mind which I actually prefer over all so I'm guessing I'm gonna be adding more colours to both my collections lol.

I've made a card using image coloured with my Pro-markers so I'll post that tomorrow or Friday once I find where I've put my camera. For now here is birthday card that was made for a woman in work, featuring Coffee Nikki for the first time.

Supplies: 'Coffee Nikki' Stamp by Ladybug Crafts Ink, 'Anna Sophia' Papers by Bo Bunny and Double Dot Ribbon by Bo Bunny
I think I might have to go 'shopping' tonight, try and find some new stamps, though should probably try and restrain myself cos I'm waiting for the new Magnum stamps from Ladybug Crafts Ink to arrive (they're due in stock soon - eeek exciting) should really find some storage before I buy anymore really.
Anyways I've just noticed the time and since I've still got to make the bed I had best get going otherwise I won't get my early night. XOX