Monday, 7 June 2010

Pretty Pretty

Am having a bit of lazy evening today, absolutely knackered so thought a nice relaxing evening and an early night. Just finished painting my toenails (and if I'm honest half of my toes), hair time after posting this and then thinking a dvd in bed - maybe Enchanted (one of my favourites and not seen it in ages, first saw it on the plane home from Australia and kept laughing so much that the woman sat next to me ended up putting it on too).

Making a list of some stamp makes that I want to try and track down, and also need to do some research on some of the die-cutting machines - thinking that it's about time I invested in one so now just to work out what the best one for me to buy is. Getting excited too not long till Kerry's new stamps are out (, just ordered the Magnum (Cat) ones for now - they're sooooooo cute, and fingers crossed they'll be here for my week off so get a have a proper play with them - my supply of cards is now looking rather depleted (is that the word) so want to try and build that up if I get the chance.

Right best get some cards on... here are 2 of yesterday's cards for one of the girls in work who's Granddaughter and Nephew are getting Christened on Sunday.

Supplies: Penny Black Stamps, Christening printed Vellum, Blue CS and Ribbon

Supplies: Ruby Fairy Stamp by Ladybug Crafts Ink, Christening printed Vellum, Glitter, Pink CS & Ribbon

Had to show a close up of the glittery fairy wings - so pretty but then I'm slightly addicted to glittery and sparkly things so maybe I'm biased lol.

Anyways my DVD is calling me...

... more tomorrow or Wednesday XOX