Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Just a really quick post again cos off up to visit my Nanna and Grandad and then probably getting pizza on the way back (dam Dominos dropping leaflets off reminding me that they're buy one get one free).

Anyways I don't think I've got anymore card photos on my computer (really must find my camera) so thought would share another scrapbook 'page' with you. I got a bit fed up of my pages been shut away in an album and managed to find some blank canvases and had one of those lightbulb moments, and add a splash of paint, ribbons and sparkle and well here's the result...

Supplies: Blank Canvas, Acrylic Paints (I sprinkled some glitter onto the heart while the paint was still wet so it's all lovely and sparkly), Ribbons, Gems, Flowers and Charms

I'm currently working on a new canvas to replace this one (very limited wall space at the moment - really really need a house) not quite come together yet - can't quite settle on what I want but I'll post the result once I do...