Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rain Rain go away.... pretty please

Well the journey home from work was a hell of a lot less stressful than yesterday's, thank goodness. Ian met me from work and got probably about a third of the way home and the traffic was only crawling, sat there for a bit then put the radio on for the traffic and it was saying that the road was flooded, anyway the next report said that the road was closed and one of the other roads now had a massive pot hole in it, so we turned round and kept heading up as each of the next roads up was just as bad as the first - there's only really 2 roads into where I live and one of them was the road that was closed - anyways had to go right the way up and round, but the traffic was just horrendous, never seen anything like it, to the point that all the little side streets were gridlocked too. And never seen flooding here either, I know it's not much compared to what some areas get but never seen it anything close to this - pics). So yep it ended up taking just over two and half hours to get home (it's normally about half and hour :S but atleast we made it home and didn't have to abandon the car. Fortunately even though we've had a fair bit more rain today there doesn't seem to have been a repeat :)

Anyways enough about that - can't you tell I'm British going on about the weather like that lol. Well I'm off to try and get some images scanned for some cards and then maybe to get some cards done, in a little bit, so thought I'd best post the last of Sunday's cards...

This is for 2 of my brother's mates from uni who are getting married in a couple of weeks. Using another of my new stamps - yay, love them, just trying to narrow down which to order next. Kept it nice and simple, think the image is too cute to be hidden by lots of other stuff.

The close up doesn't really show it either, but covered all the flowers in the glitter, love that effect, just seems to finish it off nicely.

Supplies: 'Wedding Couple' Stamp by Lili of the Valley, Paper by Flair Designs, Flower by Petaloo, Ribbon and Card
Well I'm off to try and get some more cards done. XOX