Monday, 26 July 2010

I thought it was meant to be July

It has tipped down all day today, got soaked on the way to work, on the way to get my dinner and then on the way home too, what a miserable start to the week. I thought I'd post something summery since the weather people seem to have forgotten that's what it's meant to be now lol.

Anyways here is one of my layouts from my Australia Album, I love this photo and would love to go back and take some more pictures - anyone willing to pay for a ticket??? PLEEEAAASSSEEEE??? As the title would suggest the photo is of Lake McKenzie, on Fraser Island off the East Coast of Australia, it was absolutely stunning - the pictures really don't do it justice. The water was crystal clear, turquoise in the shallows going deep blue when it went deeper. And the sand was incredibly fine, like icing sugar. I didn't want anything to distract from the photo so I kept my layout really simple.

Supplies: Sugar-coating, Sugar-coated Card & Card all by Doodlebug (how easy was that lol)

Anyways just a really quick post as I need to have a play with my new toy and need to try and get a couple of cards atleast started. XOX