Friday, 30 April 2010


Soooooo glad that it's Friday, this has been my first full week in work since February (between being ill, strike days, bank holidays and leave) and god has it been a killer lol, work has been busy and then been busy in the evenings too so feel like I could sleep for a week now lol. Evening of girly films with Steph last night, and both of us ended up falling asleep on the sofa waiting for the boys to get back - I know life and soul of the party lol.

Anyways actually managed to get 3 cards done this evening!!! I know how good is that after a full week in work (and just realised I did 3 on Monday night too - I've never done so many in one week), anyway am proud of myself (well someone has to be). Anyways here is a little get well card for Ian's Auntie, how cute is the Penny Black stamp (yay finally used it) anyway late now so am off to bed. Night night xox