Monday, 5 April 2010

Slave Labour

Oh dear, so not a good picture, but here I am to prove that I did actually do something over the weekend, since I don't have any finished cards to show for it (have several nearly finished - so they'll hopefully make it to the finished stage during this week (well maybe that's me been a bit over optimistic - should definitely finish atleast one lol)). Anyways you can't really see very clearly on the picture but these are my new(ish) Penny Black transparent stamps - soooooo cute - hopefully they're going to become some cute birthday cards in the near future. Had a really lovely weekend (soooooooo not looking forward to work tomorrow) feel like not done anything and being quite lazy but have actually done quite a bit but just had very lazy starts to the day - I think I'll be crying when my alarm goes off at 6 tomorrow morning.Ian wanted to colour in, bless him - he liked the Copics and wanted to have a go himself, so I guess it doesn't really count as slave labour if he volunteers for it, and not quite so sure about the his colour choices that included purple hair, blue beer and practically neon-orange burger bun, but he gave it a go :)

And well going to have to leave this a short message cos I think I had better get on and see if I can actually finish some cards xox