Saturday, 24 April 2010


Oh my god can't believe it's half 2 already, was up and out by 7 this morning and not long got back from a 280 mile round trip to collect some things I had left at a friend's only to find 2 of the books I needed are blimmin' missing - don't cha just love it - really not amused cos one of them was a present :S So yep anyway after all that driving feeling pretty much done in now, but not quite finished yet, got a couple of cards got to get done this weekend so going to make a start on them now while himself is at the football (he supports the wrong team bless him).
Anyways not sure what's going on with my internet today, half the sites won't load and the ones that do are missing stuff (which is why this post isn't in my usual font, though actually this one is growing on me lol - yep I'm lazy and it's easier than trying to work out what's wrong lol). Anyways this is one of my cards from earlier in the week - continuing in the green and cream theme (hopefully will get something finished today so I can post in another colour later or tomorrow). Card features Chatty Nikki by Ladybug Crafts Ink and Lemon Grass - Lime paper by Crate Paper, definitely going to be having to stock up on it I think incase I go through another green phase lol, but for now I think I am off to try and get some more cards made using my new stamps, and hopefully try and get back into my usual pink and purple palette (nothing like the comfort zone is there!?! especially after spending time out of it)