Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Monday Again

Am sure that some one has mixed up all my days this week, work today definitely felt like a Monday but then this afternoon dragged like a friday, and I've been convinced it's Thursday all day. Confused yet? lol. You are are? good, welcome to my world.

Well I'm off to my boyfriends now hopefully for a nice DVD and cheer up, after some rubbish this evening. We went to see Cemetery Junction last night which was really good, some very funny bits. Got a busy couple of days coming up, but hoping to fit in another couple of films, can't believe the amount that are out at the moment that look good, I think it's gonna be expensive come the time when they all come out on DVD lol and that's just to buy the new shelves.

Well this is the second of my cards from Monday, features Chatty Nikki from Ladybug Crafts Ink and some papermania paper and for the bargain effect some ribbon that I'd cut off a top (you know the ones that they use to attach the clothes to the coat hangers in the shops) I love the colours on this, and yay back to my usual pink lol.

Right well I'd best get going, I probably won't be able to post tomorrow as off to Steph's while the boys go to see Peter Kay, but on Friday I'll post the 3rd (and my favourite) of Monday's cards, and hopefully get some new ones made - I've just had a huge order of blank cards arrive, including some double fold cards - yay huge time saver from having to make my own or stick 2 normal cards together :) and got a couple of new stamps (as well as some I found in the cupboard) to try out too - so that should be good, hopefully it'll be as productive as Monday :) Right well I really best get going still few bits to do before leave.