Wednesday, 21 April 2010

oooo I forgot...

Nearly forgot we went down to see the sunset down by the beach (5 min drive from home) on Thursday, it was meant to be stunning cos of all the volcanic ash in the air, but unfortunately there was a great big cloud sitting almost in the way, still it was very pretty, really can't beat the sun setting over water (it doesn't seem like a real sunset to me unless there's water lol) But anyway here is one of the pics (think it was worth freezing for (it was FREEZING down there - roll on the summer)) Also over the weekend we called over to Neil and Steph's on Saturday dinner time so Ian could watch the footy (if I remember rightly they won) anyways we didn't end up getting home till 11 that night. Anyways it was a lovely afternoon/evening nice to relax, Steph ended up messing with my hair (result below - how cool is that - and how lovely is her wall paper lol). Really must get round to making a hair appointment though (it's on my to do list - though having said that it's been on there for about 2 months so far lol)