Thursday, 29 April 2010

My favourite

I wasn't expecting to be on the computer at all today, the plan was to stay late and build up some flexi hours ready for a few days off next week, and well that turned into a leave as soon as it turned 3 o'clock, thinking I'd have a quick look in Primark, well that turned into an hour long shopping trip and cost me a fortune - now I know technically it's impossible to spend a fortune in there but I swear I managed it, especially as I haven't actually been paid yet - my poor credit card. But anyway got a couple of dresses and tops and swimming stuff so am all kitted out for the summer now, all I need is the weather lol, and nope I'm not to blame for all the water currently falling out the sky it was raining even before the idea of going shopping popped into my head lol. Anyways I'm home now, just about dried off, but still trying to warm my feet up, my poor little ballet pumps just couldn't stand up to the puddles in town lol.
So anyway had a really nice evening yesterday, well other than a pigeon flying into the side of my car on the m'way :S but managed to calm myself down and turned into a really nice evening (I don't think Ian enjoyed it as much as me, mainly due to me making him watch Glee (what was worse is he doesn't like Madonna, and it was the Madonna episode lol) bless him, we'll have to watch it from the beginning so he learns to like it lol. I'm off to steph's for the evening/night in a bit so thought would do a 'quick' post now rather than wait until tomorrow.
Well as promised this is my favourite of the 3 cards I made on Monday...

Another card using my new stamp and Bo Bunny Aliss paper and double dot ribbon. I have a habit of colouring in the images and then picking paper to go with them (I think this is because at heart I am a scrapbooker and am used to having to find papers to go with my photos when really when I'm making cards I should be making the most of been able to pick the papers and colour the image to match but it's a hard habit to break). Anyways that was a very waffley way of explaining why the tulips are yellow/orange instead of pink lol, I'm thinking I may have to do another card with them in pink instead lol. I know that's sad isn't it lol.
Anyways off to get myself ready to go out otherwise will still be in my PJs lol. XOX