Sunday, 7 November 2010

New Wellies and Fireworks

Not had any time to get any cards done yet, hopefully going to get one done later today while Ian is otherwise occupied with either the football or the Grand Prix. Got a few Birthday cards to get done, starting to get to a busy time of year for me... so many friends' birthdays in December so need to get a head start on them to be able to get them all done as well as all the Christmas Cards. So anyways that's the plan for this afternoon followed by tea and then Strictly and X-Factor results shows.

Anyways coupld of photos for you from Steph's Bonfire Party on Friday, starting off with my new wellies that Ian got me - how cute are they?!?!?!?!?! LOVE them

I restrained myself and am only posting one picture of the fireworks from the hundreds that I took - oh the joys of digital photography lol also got a video of one of the fireworks that made a bit of an odd noise, not heard any like it before, and just noticed that there's an insert video icon on here, might have to have a go lol.

And moving on to the Bonfire, just after it started, again restrained myself and am only posting one of many lol

And one of me and Ian

And now to attempt the video lol, hoping it'll work and the sound will go on too XOX