Saturday, 28 August 2010

Yay we went somewhere I can spell...

I thought I'd put on a couple of pictures from the last few days, here we are at (deep breath...) Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch on the Isle of Anglesey

After the quick stop at the station (yep I'm not typing that again lol) for pictures, we headed down to Caernarfon Castle - think I spelt that wrong last time oops. Which was really cool looking round, got some really good photos, and just realised that I've forgotten to upload 2 of the best ones, really cool effect taken infront of a window - will have to make a mental note to do that tomorrow. 

Just to prove we were here lol

After the walk round the castle and some dinner we then headed down to Beddgelert, this was the little village, we had a walk down and a look in a couple of shops so Duncan and Nel could buy presents for their family. We didn't walk down to the grave cos it was starting to rain and didn't want to risk the cameras getting wet. I'd never heard the story before but it's really sad.

Gelert's owner had left him to guard his baby son and heir, when he returned he saw the dog with blood all over his face and the baby missing, thinking that the dog had attacked and killed his son he stabbed the dog with his sword. The dog's dying yelp was returned by a cry from the son, who was found along with a dead wolf that Gelert had killed to protect the son. (I hope I've remembered that right) Awww the poor dog :'(

This was a view of part of the town.

Onto happier things.. yesterday we went somewhere that I could spell!!! without having to look it up lol, we went up to the Welsh Mountain Zoo (I'm going to ignore the fact that they'll have a Welsh name too lol) it was a nice day out (think I'd been to Chester Zoo a bit too recently to appreciate it fully lol) was really cool that you were alot closer to the animals than in the bigger zoos, we got some really cool photos of the penguins, this is one of Ian's and you can even see the droplets of water on his feathers. I'm a bit annoyed at myself that I'm left macro setting on the camera all day so didn't have so much of a zoom, doh.

For some reason the last photo doesn't want to upload so I'll have to add that on tomorrow too. But best go get ready for today now, still in PJs ooops ah well it's the weekend it's allowed. XOX