Sunday, 24 October 2010

I must be mad...

Just a little post, no cards today, been a busy few days. We went to see KT Tunstall on Thursday night in Manchester, which was really really good night. Then went to Alton Towers on Friday managed to catch up on some of the rides that we missed last time cos it was so busy. Ian was official photographer for the day and look at the fab photo he got of me and Emma at the top of Oblivion!!!!

And a zoomed in version in case you missed us

Not us this time, but this is the drop lol - how cool

Hopefully going to get some cards done in the next few days, but hopefully just going to have a lazy day today, been mad few days, after Alton Towers we were up to Manchester to stay over then a day shopping and then off to see Train last night... need sleep now lol XOX


Lisa Jane said...

Oh my goodness helen - you are braver then me ..Carousel horses are my limit lol
Lisa ;)