Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Paper Sorting.... yawn (always forget how big this job is)

Right well since I was internet-less (and phone and telly-less too) I decided that I would use my time productively so after finishing my book and starting the next one I did some proper paper sorting, the photo below was about 15 mins in - I know how scary is that - it was even more scary to think how much it has all cost - eek no best of not thinking about that. And yay here we are semi organised (ignore the rest, the paper is organised all it's new little holders - love them cos can flick through them without having to get zillions of boxes out, and they fit loads in them - unfortunately I already need more lol) - the labels will also be neatened up but kept having to move stuff round so no sense in putting them on all neat.

Well that was last night, today has been spent at work - boooo - then have been opening all my parcels that have arrived so far (while listening to the thunder - love it), including a new camera which I'm off to have a play with in a mo, and some new colouring pens (can't wait to try them out), and LOTS of gorgeous papers (which I wasn't expecting till tomorrow at the earliest) from Craft Island and included a free gift and a little easter chick - awww how cute. Itching to get started now got all these papers lol

OK well I am off to play with my camera and then hopefully get a card done, so actually have something proper to post tomorrow. Happy Tuesday everyone x