Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm still here....

Been a while - had a week at my boyfriend's helping him, then I don't know where the time has gone, we've had some evenings out to catch up with friends and have been down to college to enroll for my second year of my AAT course - looking forward to it cos I enjoyed last year other than the exams - had forgotten how stressful they are. 

I have been crafting in between everything though - I'll put them on soon and I'm in the process of making a dress. Yes a dress - think it's been about 10 years since I've made a dress and have only ever made 2 eek - funny how some bits have come back really quick and have really struggled with other bits. We've got 3 weddings coming up next year and not much money - so the idea is to make dresses for them and should be able to save a bit of money rather than having to spend a fortune. So up first is this poppy cotton poplin - I love it and thought it would make sense to start with cotton as it doesn't slip as much as some of the other fabrics.

Anyways this is the work in progress - I still need to do the arm holes, the hem and put the zip in the back but not too bad for a 'first' attempt - going to add a little black jacket and some black heels and make a black fabric belt rather than the elastic one to dress it up a bit more but am really pleased with it.

This has basically taken 3 days so far but that included making a muslin of the bodice which I'll have for the next dress - I think I may have lengthened the bodice a bit too much (or not used enough of the seam allowance up) but I want to wear this with a belt, to break up the pattern, anyway so I just need to remember for the next one. Also altered the back from the pattern into a scoop - really like the back of it now - something different rather than just the usual scoop neck or high neck and high at the back. Anyways zip and neatening up the inside (I'm not a tidy sew-ist) in the slightest tomorrow and then it's on hold till my mum or auntie can give me a hand with the arm holes and the hem so I don't have to try and pin it while wearing it myself lol. I'll try and get some better (camera rather than phone) pictures once it's done. But just wanted to show that I have been doing crafty things, I'll stop waffling now you'll be pleased to hear.


PS the pattern was Cynthia Rowley - Simplicity