Monday, 28 May 2012

In print

Just a quick post today as I haven't managed to get much done the last couple of days, well nothing worth posting anyway lol. And got to go out to college this evening and an interview tomorrow which I'm really wound up about cos there's been so few of them lately that it's added the pressure, I have to say I hope it cools down a bit by tomorrow afternoon or that the place has good air con lol.

Anyways the reason for the post... I just received my copy of this month's Scrapbook Magazine and here is my layout in print in the Readers Gallery - I'd forgotten it was this issue that it was in cos I sent the layout in ages ago. But how cool - this is the first time that I've had a layout published, can't wait to show the magazine to the family. My Nanna will be over the moon :)

Right had best get on - still in my PJs and not packed my college stuff yet lol XOX


Queenie said...

Woohooooo saw this in the mag..toot,toot!!!